DHR&D is an official reseller for Yondar. Yondar is an augmented reality platform that is browser native. This means no app is required. There is also no need to create an account. Yondar can help outdoor events, campuses, and attractions by providing the ability to customize an aerial map specific to your space. This map will contain location identifiers, known as beacons, to indicate different points of interest. It could be used to show where different buildings on a campus are located, where different stands at a pop up festival can be found, or where in the sports stadium your friends are hanging out by.

Yondar also is interactive and provides an AR version of the map where people can see beacons through their phone on physical locations. Companies can use these beacons to organize tours, scavenger hunts, and various other learning experiences about their campus or property. Each beacon is able to be customized and display different audio, video, and other embedded features to help create a full augmented reality experience for your customers that can include rewards and promotions.

In order to learn more and obtain a free initial consultation, please reach out to depressivehacks@gmail.com. Photos of Yondar in use can be found below.