Nifty Gateway Publisher

DepressiveHacks has been selected to help onboard the next generation of artists into the online collectible NFT space. As a publisher on Nifty Gateway, DHR&D will help to onboard new artists and curate local talent that is not familiar with the web3 space. The ease of Nifty Gateway and expertise in the space from DHR&D will help new artists to successfully release their art in Nifty Gateway drops and facilitate payment to artists for initial releases and royalties.

The hope is that by onboarding artists from the DHR&D network, new people will be able to learn about web3, NFTs, and most importantly, artists who already struggle to find enough exposure and outlets for their creativity can have another outlet for their work that can lead to additional income that can support them in the pursuit of their dreams and ambitions.

Please email for inquiries.